Lots of people have spent lots of time trying to work out a way to “beat the lottery” and hit a jackpot prize on a major lottery. Because let’s face it if you knew how to get winning lotto numbers you could be immediately set for life.
As the owner of onepoundlotto.com I have looked into this extensively. There are lots of theories and strategies out there. Some verging on ridiculous and some at least (in theory) have a degree of validity.

We have all at some point heard a comparison to winning the lottery. One that sticks in my mind is that “If you flushed your lottery ticket down the toilet it is more likely for it to come back out of your tap than you are to win the lottery!”

So we all know that the odds are stacked against us and that the lottery is truly a random game right? This may be true, but what if there was a way to slightly stack the odds in your favour and increase your lotto chances?

In this article, I will highlight some methods which I think could help you to do just this, I have also summarised nine tips to increase the chance of winning.

9 Tips on how to pick the winning lottery numbers

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1. Pick your game carefully.

If you want to try and win the huge jackpots, you know the odds are even more stacked against you. But if that is the only reason you play, to try and win the biggest jackpots, then that’s fine. Those with a slightly more pragmatic approach would study the lotteries with the highest prize to the lowest odds ratio. Decide what level of jackpot you want to aim for. You might decide that a small lottery, with relatively small jackpots, is not worth your investment.

You can see below there is a list of the Lotteries that offer the best odds for any prize and the jackpot. It is worth noting that if a particular lottery has a high chance of any prize, it might still have a low chance of a jackpot win. There are a few that appear on both lists, however. Namely the Austrian, French, German, and Irish lotteries

Which Lottery Game has The Best Chance of Winning Any Prize?

The Top ten

French Lotto1 in 6
UK lotto1 in 9.3
Spanish Lotto1 in 10
Austrian Lotto1 in 12
Euromillions1 in 13
MegaMillions (US)1 in 24
Powerball (US)1 in 24.8
Eurojackpot1 in 26
Irish Lotto1 in 29
German Lotto1 in 31

Which Lottery Game has The Best Odds of Winning a Jackpot?

The top ten

Mini Lotto (Poland)1 : 850,668
Swedish Lotto1 : 6,724,520
Mon/Wed Lotto1 : 8,145,060
OZ Saturday Lotto1 : 8,145,060
Austrian Lotto1 : 8,145,060
Irish Lotto1 : 10,737,573
Polish Lotto1 : 13,983,816
Bitcoin Lotto
1 : 13,983,816
German Lotto1 : 15,537,573
French Lotto1 : 19,068,840

Use data, such as above to help you pick the best lottery to play to win for you.

The lottery at One Pound Lotto with the best odds of winning the jackpot is the Polish Lotto. We will also offer you every fourth ticket for free on the Polish Lotto, as we know everyone loves a freebie.  https://onepoundlotto.com/lotto-pl

2. Play lottery on a roll-down week

Certain lotteries will offer what is called a roll-down. This is when they declare a must-win jackpot prize. If no one wins the jackpot then it is passed down (rolled down ) to the lower prize tiers. How many tiers down depends on the lottery. For instance, the UK National lottery (lotto) will share their roll down players that match two or more main numbers. That way if you win a lower-tier prize you have more chance of winning a higher amount.

The activation of a roll-down also depends on the rules of the specific lottery. Some might announce a roll-down drawing only after the Jackpot has rolled over for a set number of weeks with no winners. Others might only announce it after the Jackpot has reached a predetermined cap, and then rolled -over for a set number of weeks. So read the specific lottery rules.

Read below the case of the Selbees (refer to our Lottery Winners: Beating the system blog post) who used simple maths and roll dons to turn the odds massively in their favour

3. Play more often-

Slick dice thrower

It stands to reason the more stakes in a game you have reduces your odds. So if you are serious about winning then make sure you don’t miss your favourite draw. Plus it goes without saying how devastated you would be if you had regular numbers and missed a week only to discover that was the week they came to fruition. You can sign up for our recurring; ticket feature that will make sure you never miss a draw. But only ever bet within your limits and remember when the fun stops, stops.

Read the fascinating case of Stefan Mandel (please see our Lottery Winners:
Beating the system blog post) https://one-pound-blog.jamiedeakindesign.com/Lottery-winners-beating-the-system/  . He covered millions of possible number combinations to win multiple jackpots.
Don’t rule out scratch cards also. They have much lower odds than lotteries. There is also a theory due to the odds of the scratch cards they have to pay out
eventually, hence if you buy in bulk you should always buy a line from the same reel and not from multiple games. Some people suggest that if you purchased a 100 from the same reel you would always be in the black. I have yet to try this, so please let me know.

4. Choose Lotteries that have the highest level of payouts on the small prizes and best odds to prize ratio.

Winning these will reduce your weekly cost and pay for more tickets / provide you with free lucky dips. If you are the kind of person who asks “if I get two numbers on the lotto do I win anything?” then it will also make the game more fun for you.

If you combine this with number 2 you will take advantage of the smaller prizes. A good example of the smaller prizes can be found in the French National lottery. With the overall odds of winning a prize at 1 in 6, and the last four tiers all having relatively good odds.

Numbers MatchedOddsEstimated Prize
3 numbers 1 in 224€23
2 Numbers and the Chance Number1 in 144€11
2 Numbers1 in 16€5
0 Numbers and the Chance number1 in 18€2

You could work out your estimated expected returns from this for example if you bought

224 tickets at €2.20 each costing €492.8

Then one chance number = (224/18) * 2 = €24.89

two numbers = (224/16) * 5 = €70

two numbers and one chance number = 224/144) *11 = €17.11

three numbers = = €23

Total = = € 130 /492.8*100 = 26.38%

This doesn’t seem like a huge predicted return, but if you compare it to others it will seem not so bad. If you spent €688 on the Eurojackpot you could expect a return of 11.79%.

It’s clear from this you are not going to win all the time. But if you are smart, work out the best return you can find, (this will be one that has a lower than average ticket price) and use this in conjunction with my other tips it will bolster your chances. The thing to remember that this is expected returns, it is not set in stone, but you are also still in for a chance to win much bigger.

5. Multiply your chances with second- chance games

We all deserve a second chance right! It’s fairly common now for lotteries to run secondary games on top of the main draws. Often these are free to enter. Take the UK Millionaire Maker game for instance. For every EuroMillions ticket you purchase, you are entered into this automatically . The odds are a lot lower than the main draw and you could win up to £1 million. Not bad for a freebie hey!

6. Look for a miscalculation or flaws in the lottery game.

Magnify the flaws

This sounds absurd, but this is exactly how a retired couple known as Jerry and Marge Selbee managed to legally beat the lottery system and walk away with $ millions. Please read my article Lottery winners: Beating the system to find out the full story. https://one-pound-blog.jamiedeakindesign.com/Lottery-winners-beating-the-system/

Jerry worked out that on their local lotto, a roll-down to the lower tier prizes would dramatically boost them. Using the same maths as above in number 4 he worked out an expected return of 172% if he spent $1100.

The Selbees had surprisingly found a loophole that no one else had discovered. They rapidly grew their investments with the help of family and investors and put their incredible lottery strategy in action. The group would regularly spend in excess of $600,000 .But win much, much more.

In short, this is your best chance of winning a lottery. But as you can imagine the lotteries don’t like this and put laws in place to try and stop this. Regardless, with their simple maths, and careful planning, when it was time for the Selbee’ to return to a peaceful retirement, they were roughly about $8 million richer. Not to mention all the money they had made for friends, family, and investors.

More so over recent years, lottery operators have increased the pool of numbers and in some cases even the number of balls to further make sure that the odds are more favourable to them. The price of most tickets has also risen. To make sure that the Selbee’ success can not be emulated.

This is the reason that I created onepoundlotto.com. To try and bring value for money back to lotteries!

7. Use a lottery calculator.

How to pick winning lottery numbers: A Mathematical Approach

Eureeka moment

How to win lottery games? There are lots of opinions out there on how to apply maths to selecting your lottery numbers, so-called hot or cold numbers, etc.
As a lotto player, you are powerless to alter or influence the fundamental probability in any random lotto game. But using the power of mathematics, you can calculate all the possibilities and make intelligent decisions by choosing the right combination that will give you the best ratio of success to failure. Effectively finding the best lottery numbers.
A true mathematical game plan is all about calculating all the possible outcomes and selecting the best option that will give you more opportunities to win.
The ratio of success can best be determined using lottery codex patterns. To understand them you need to understand how simple odd-even or high low patterns work.

The lotto 6/49 data below displays odd-even combinations with their corresponding probability:

CombinationsProbabilityEstimated occurrence in 100 draws
5-odd-1-even 0.091185410334347
4-odd-2-even 0.24967433782023
2-odd-4-even 0.2279635258358723
0-odd-6-even 0.0096251266464032 1

We have our own 6/49 lottery format. It is the German National lottery called Lotto6 Aus49. https://onepoundlotto.com/de-lotto

From this, we can clearly see that if you select a combination of numbers 3odd and 3 even, it is 33 x more likely to appear than one of 0 odd and 6 even or 6 odd and 0 even.

For the next set of matrices, we should look at the high low patterns, which also presents similar patterns. For example, a combination of 3 low numbers (0-24) and three high numbers (25-49) again has a 33 x times probability of appearing than a combination of 6 high numbers or equally as one of six low numbers.

If you are interested in Lottery Codex there is much more online, and it might also be worth looking back at lotteries’ historical data and seeing if the patterns and probabilities coincide.

Also if you believe that this kind of maths can help you pick a better combination of numbers but don’t want to use the Lotterycodex system to work it out, then there are lots of lottery calculators that can work that out for you.

One point that should be clarified is that you don’t win anything by hitting the right pattern. The big idea is to use maths to get the best shot possible. That’s how probability theory and combinatorial maths can be handy.

The main idea is to use mathematics to get you closer to the winning combinations. And with persistence, winning is just a matter of time.

If you prefer buying lottery tickets for a 5/50 game such as “Euro Jackpot Lotto” then you can find a guide “How to Win the Eurojackpot 5/50 According to Math” at and again run tests on our Eurojackpot game.

8. Join a syndicate.

all hands in

A syndicate is a group of people who all play the lottery together. They have alegally binding syndicate agreement in place, stating that all winnings should be split between the group evenly. The syndicate agreement might also include details such as

Who the syndicate manager is. This person will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring payments are made
  • Tickets are bought on time.
  • Syndicate members are kept informed of results.
  • Which games, draws and how many tickets will the syndicate partake in.
  • How and when payments will be made.
  • The rules for missing a payment.
  • What percentage of the winnings will be reinvested.
  • If the syndicate will remain anonymous in the event of a win.

Most lottery operators now run syndicates and offer a template syndicate agreement if you wish to create your own.

Whilst it is clear that a syndicate will decrease the amount you can win, it will also increase your odds of a win. Most jackpot wins are by syndicates.

Study them carefully though. There are lots of pre-organised syndicates that have varying shares/tickets that you can purchase from different syndicate sizes. Whilst it is convenient to select a predetermined syndicate, you will pay over the odds. Generally, for a bigger syndicate, the ticket price will be more. If you can organise your own it will be much cheaper.

This is by far the easiest way to boost your odds of winning dramatically. What’s more, it will not cost you any more. The winnings are less but then so are the odds.

9. Don’t miss a lottery win.

screaming No

Every year $ billions of lottery prizes go unclaimed. It was estimated that this figure was $2.89 billion in the US alone in the 12 month period running up to July 2017.

So it sounds obvious that you should check your tickets. Especially if you are a regular player. But clearly, lots of people aren’t.

I would advise you to keep the same numbers and even memorise them if you can.

The odds are technically the same, but if you have the same numbers you reduce the risk of you missing a winning ticket in your possession. If you memorise them, then even if you randomly see your winning numbers on a TV, a website or news publication, etc you will hopefully recognise them as your own.

If you are purchasing physical tickets then keep them safe and write your details on the back to claim ownership. Get a system, get organised. Keep your tickets in the same place, so you always know where they are. Obviously, you don’t have this problem if you buy on-line. But this can present other problems. Like losing your login details. So make sure that your account is always retrievable and no one else is using or has access to it. Imagine the torment you would go through if you lost your ticket. Or worse if your partner stole it and ran off with your best friend.

Plenty of prizes are not claimed through people not realising that there was a second chance game on their ticket. So familiarise yourself with all the rules of the game beforehand. But I’m guessing if you have read this far, then you are savvy enough to know that!

Lots of people don’t claim small prizes either. What are you a millionaire already? Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Keep hold of your old tickets. You may have missed something. If the media suddenly starts talking of an unclaimed prize in your area, you may want to go back and re-check. Stranger things have happened!


How many numbers do you need to win the lottery?

There are lots of different lottery formats. Check before you play. The most common ones are- 5/69, 5/70 , 6/49, 5/50, 6/45, & 6/59. Lots of these will also involve a bonus ball, some might need you to have one bonus ball for the top prize, some two bonus balls and some have bonus balls but do not require them for the top prize.

How do I increase my chance of winning the lottery?

Try using a combination of the tips above. You may not be able to utilize them all at once. Unless you are the syndicate manager in a syndicate, you may not have any say on the lottery, and games that you play. Also if you select to play a predetermined syndicate you may not even be able to select your own numbers. The more onepoundlotto.com tips you can employ the closer you will get to winning.

How to pick winning lottery numbers?

The lottery is truly a random game of chance and there is no sure-fire way to select the winning numbers. But the mathematics above can get you closer to the winning combinations.

Which lottery game has the best chance of winning?

Please refer to Tip 1 above.

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