Minimum play one line and maximum play five lines

Main numbers (1-70)
Bonus numbers(1-25)
Half jackpots £1.00
Full Jackpots £2.00

Tickets sold in pound sterling, for non UK players ask your Bank about currency conversion.

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Mega Millions

US Mega Millions is an American multi-jurisdictional lottery game offered in 44 states plus the District of Columbia and the U.S Virgin Islands. 

The minimum jackpot is $40 million, which rolls over when there are no winning matching tickets.

The MegaMillions (like the US powerball) is another huge jackpot lottery coming out of the US. Although its first official draw was in 2002, it has evolved from a series of lotteries that have preceded it. Originally known as The Big Game in 1996 and renamed, temporarily, to The Big Game Mega Millions six years later.

Due to the expansion in 2010 of the two groups known as the Mega Power Lottery group. US Powerball and MegaMillions tickets were now sold across multi-Jurisdictions in the US. This has led to the immense popularity of MegaMillions and hence the largest ever recorded jackpot in 2012. Also due to the impressive prize structure that allocates roughly 75 percent of the prize pool for the jackpot.

MegaMillions requires 5 numbers from a main pool of 1–70 and 1 further number, known as the ‘MegaBall, from a pool of 1-25. 

The first draw was held in 2002.

Countries that participate: US.

Jackpots: The largest recorded to date was $1.537 billion on October 23rd, 2018. 

Draws: Wednesday and Saturday at around 4am GMT. 

Draw times can vary slightly dues to clock changes in the UK.​

How to Play Mega Millions

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How to bet on the Mega Millions: All bets for half of the official advertised jackpot cost just £1 on One Pound Lotto. Each £1 bet gives you the chance to win half the official Mega Millions jackpot.

Full Jackpot Feature - If you wish to play for the full advertised jackpot amount, you can do this by selecting "Full Jackpots" on the slider located on the top right of this page. This will make your ticket price £2.

First you need to deposit the minimum amount of £5 in your wallet, then you are ready to play !

What’s the catch ?
There is no ‘catch’, but in order for us to be able to offer you the chance to win from the biggest jackpots for just £1,  some smaller payouts will be retained, please read One Pound Lotto's prize structure below.

Simply select your draw date.

Select the desired number of lines.

Choose 5 numbers from the main pool of 1–70 and 1 further number, known as the ‘MegaBall, from a pool of 1-25 . Each player can select their own numbers or use the Quick Pick (QP) numbers which will select a random line of numbers. Bets can be placed up until 15 mins prior to the selected draws.

Add to cart.

Proceed to cart and pay from your balance.

Setting up a recurring play

If you wish to continue playing a certain draw every week, simply select the check box "recurring" below the "lucky pick" button. This will make your ticket repeat at every draw with the selected numbers. This can continue for as long as you like and likewise can be cancelled at anytime without question.

If there are insufficient funds in your player account it will automatically stop.

You can view all recurring tickets and delete them in the "My Account, Lottery Tickets" section. (Located in the drop down menu for mobile devices).

How to win the US MegaMillions Jackpot

Any player that matches all five main numbers, as well as the “Megaball” selected on Wednesday or Saturdays draw is entitled to their share in the multi-million US MegaMillions top prize. In addition to the main jackpot prize, there are 4 secondary prizes in every US MegaMillions draw! 

Dream big!

The MegaMillions has made some of it's winners not only millionaires but Billionaires! It is almost unfathomable how life changing buying a ticket for this lottery could actually be.

Since it recorded the largest jackpot in history of $ 656,000,000 on March 30th , 2012, the MegaMillions has recorded lots more notable wins. For example:

The largest Mega Millions jackpot, $1.537 billion, was won on October 23rd, 2018 by one ticket, sold in South Carolina. This prize, the largest for one set of numbers in world history, was the second largest lottery payout, behind Powerball's $1.586 billion jackpot won on January 13, 2016 by multiple tickets. 

However as of late January 2019, no one had come forward to claim the Mega Millions jackpot. 


There are many other notable wins, but to put it in to perspective even the eighth largest Mega Millions Jackpot was a whopping $390 million, won by two tickets in March 6, 2007.

Am I buying an official Mega Millions Ticket?

Yes you are!'s prize structure

Jackpot Structure


Average Prize/Winnings


5 + 1 Megaball


1 in 302,575,350


1 in 12,607,306

4 + 1 Megaball


1 in 931,001


1 in 38,792

3 + 1 Megaball


1 in 14,547

Prizes on the Mega Millions main draw are paid out from 3 main numbers+ Megaball upwards, as above. 

Half Jackpot Feature.

If you only wish to play for £1, simply select the half jackpot feature to play for half the 'ONE POUND LOTTO' advertised jackpot.

What do I do if I win?

If your account has been verified simply proceed to your account and withdraw your winnings. If your account has not been verified you will first need to provide proof of your ID and proof of address. Each winner must be able to prove that they are above the legal age to play in the jurisdiction of their residence. Once this has been confirmed you will be able to withdraw your winnings.

How are the prizes paid?

To avoid corruption all smaller winnings will be returned to the account where as anything over a £4K limit will be retained until we at One Pound Lottery Ltd have made contact with the winning entrants. Winnings will not be paid otherwise.

All winnings across all games will have to be claimed within 60 days.

We do not believe in the practice of “annuity” (the payment of a large prizes over a fixed period of roughly 30years) as many other sites do. All of our prizes will be paid in full! to the winners nominated account, within 60 days of the winners being verified as a genuine winner by One Pound Lottery Ltd. However some of the official lotteries do practice annuity on their advertised jackpots.  Hence we advertise our jackpots based on theirs. Currently the only lotteries that we advertise that does this, is the US Powerball and the US Megamillions. To find out more about how they work this out please read below.

However if the jackpot winner wishes to take a cash lump sum they are able to do this. Their decision has to made within 60 days of the draw and can not be changed ! This amount will be lower than the annuity jackpot advertised  by One Pound Lottery Ltd. 

US MegaMillions annuity

Graduated annuity paid in 30 yearly instalments. Each annuity payment is 5% higher than in the previous year to adjust for inflation.

The advertised estimated jackpot represents the total payments that would be paid to jackpot winner(s) should they accept the annuity option. This estimate is based on the funds accumulated in the jackpot pool rolled over from prior drawings, expected sales for the next drawing, and market interest rates for the securities that would be used to fund the annuity.

Because the quoted jackpot amount is an annuity of 30 graduated annual payments, its cash value relative to the annuity fluctuates. The actual ratio depends on projected interest rates and other factors. MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association) starts with the cash value, built from a percentage of sales, and then calculates the advertised jackpot amount from that value, based on the average costs of the three best securities bids. 


The local tax regulations in Mega Millions participating states will apply and may vary from state to state.

Tax is imposed on the winner by the federal and (some) state governments of The United States of America.

It is the responsibility of the the player to pay the tax and not

Lottery winnings in the US are subject to a Federal tax of 24%. This will be withheld upon winning by the IRS. This is called Federal Withholding.

Even if you live outside of the US expect to pay 24% . The full explanation is that as we at are purchasing the physical ticket for you in the US. As such the purchase of the ticket would be treated as if it was purchased in the US and subject to federal tax law .

You may have also read about state tax laws on the US Mega Millions. There are more details of this in our Mega Millions FAQ's. Some states do indeed have additional state taxes and also additional income taxes which would class your winnings as earning and subsequently add an additional 13% tax on top of the 24% to put you on a higher earner rate of tax (37%).

There is good news however, as a customer we purchase all of our tickets in the state of Delaware. Delaware is one state that has a 0% state tax on all lottery winnings. This means that regardless of your domicile you will not pay state tax! Even if you live in a US state (like NY) that has a high state tax.

As we also claim the ticket anonymously via a lawyer and/or blind trust there is no additional high earner tax of 13%.

If you are playing from the UK there is more good news!

As the UK does not pay Tax on gambling revenue, as it is not seen as a source of income, it is possible to claim it back. This is well worth doing especially when the tax bill could be running in to hundreds of millions of pounds. Although we at can not guarantee or make any promise to you that you would be able to claw back this money from the IRS. We can say this "it has been done before and we have worked with operators who have successfully done this". We will gladly advice you but can not complete this task for you.

If you are living in the US unfortunately you would pay the 24% Federal Withholding.

If you live outside the UK or US we would advise you to refer to your relevant countries tax authority and in the event of a win possibly a lawyer. As there is every possibly you could claim back the Federal Withholding from the IRS.