Minimum play one line and maximum play seven lines

Main numbers (1-60)

Full Jackpots £2.50

Tickets sold in pound sterling, for non UK players ask your Bank about currency conversion.

Total Played £0.00

Mega Sena


The Mega Sena ( aka the Brazilian Lottery) is the largest lottery in Brazil , held by the Caixa Econômica Federal bank. It has two draws a week, with the Wednesday draw being shown on RedeTV.

The game format uses 6 numbers from a pool of 0-60, which in itself is very simple. The way the numbers themselves are chosen is slightly unusual as the Mega Sena uses two spinning spherical cages to select the numbers. The first cage selects the balls from 0-5 and the next from 0-9. The combination of the two pairs make up the number with a 00 selection being equivalent to a 60. Although unorthodox, the outcome is the same.

Although the Mega Sena is hugely popular in South America, once a year ( on New Year's Eve) they run a special jackpot (using the same format) called the Mega da Virada The drawing is extremely popular among Brazilians because of its large jackpot. Throughout the year, the normal Mega Sena draws will put aside 5% of their proceeds for the annual Mega da Virada. The record Mega Sena jackpot ran to £38.1 million in 2019. Unlike a Mega Sena draw, the Mega da Virada jackpot doesn't rollover. Instead, it gets passed down to the 2 nd tier prize winners.

Much of the revenue from the Mega Sena is given to the National Treasury who in turn invests in educational programs and other good causes in Brazil.

The first draw was held in 1961.

Countries that participate :Brazil


The largest recorded to date was R$289,420,865 (11th May 2019) this is approximately £38,100,000.

When does the Mega Sena draw take place?

The Mega Sena draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at around 22:00 GMT.

Draw times may vary. This is due to a unique drawing system. Whereby some draws occur in the Rede TV studio and others are taken on the road in the aptly named Luck Truck ( Caminhão da Sorte). The Luck Truck travels all over Brazil engaging with locals and making them feel involved with the draw.

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How to play on the Mega Sena

All bets cost just £1 on, first, you need to deposit the minimum amount of £5 in your wallet, then you are ready to play!

Simply select your draw date.

Select the desired number of lines.

Select your choice of six numbers from1- 60. Simple! Each player can select their numbers or use the Quick Pick (QP) numbers which will select a random line of numbers. Bets can be placed up until 15mins before the selected draw.

Select Add to cart .

Proceed to cart and pay from your balance.

Setting up a recurring play

If you wish to continue playing a certain draw every week, simply select the check box "recurring" below the "lucky pick" button. This will make your ticket repeat at every draw with the selected numbers. This can continue for as long as you like and likewise can be canceled at any time without question.

If there are insufficient funds in your player account it will automatically stop.

You can view all recurring tickets and delete them in the "My Account, Lottery Tickets" section. (Located in the drop-down menu for mobile devices).

How to win the Mega-Sena Jackpot.

Any player that matches all 6 main numbers , on any Wednesday or Saturday MegaSena Brazil draw is entitled to their share of the top prize. In addition to the main jackpot prize, there are two other secondary prizes in every Mega Sena draw

Dream big!

MegaSena Brazil has some huge jackpots alone, and that coupled with the annual Mega da Virada draw means that this is one of the most exciting lotteries in the world to play. Play the Mega Sena Brazil and you could be dancing the samba all the way to collecting one of the largest jackpots available anywhere.

Am I buying an official Mega Sena ticket?

Yes, you are! We purchase all of our tickets from our agents in Brazil.

What are the odds of winning the Mega Sena?

Please refer to the Mega Sena Brazil Jackpot Structure below.

Our advertised jackpot on the MegaSena is currently 100% of the official jackpot prize offered.

Prize Structure

Prize Tier

Odds of Winning

Estimated Average Prize

1 (Match 6)

1 in 50,063,860


2 (Match 5)

1 in 154,518


3 (Match 4)

1 in 2,332


The Mega Sena has relatively low odds for a Jackpot prize, with a simplistic game structure. In that sense, it is also comparable to the Polish lotto.

How do I check my Mega Sena ticket?

Select Check Results (located at the top on a pc and in the drop-down menu on a mobile device), then scroll down to Mega Sena. Here you will see the most recent draw result. If you wish to see historic results then select All results.

What do I do if I win?

If your account has been verified simply proceed to your account and withdraw your winnings. You can do this by creating a Withdrawal request. To do this go to My Account, Withdraw Funds, Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw, with any additional information in the description box (if you would like). Then press send. There is no fee for a withdrawal of funds.

If you have not already nominated a valid bank account to receive winnings, you will need to do so. This can be done by going to My Account, Bank details, edit, enter your details, and select save.

How are the prizes paid?

All winnings are paid directly into the player's One Pound Lotto account.

In order to withdraw prizes over £4,000, Fatt Mountain Ltd may require that you pass additional identity checks to confirm that you are who you say you are and that you meet the One Pound Lotto minimum age requirement of 18 years old. Additional checks are at Fatt Mountain Ltd's discretion. Failure to comply may result in winnings not being paid or delayed.

All winnings across all games will have to be claimed within 60 days.

We do not believe in the practice of “annuity” (the payment of a large prize over a fixed period of roughly 30years) as many other sites do. All of our prizes will be paid in full to the winners nominated account, within 60 days of the winners being verified as a genuine winner by One Pound Lottery Ltd. However some of the official lotteries do practice annuity on their advertised jackpots. Hence we advertise our jackpots based on theirs. Currently, the only lotteries that we advertise that practice this are the US Powerball and US Megamillions. To find out more about how they work this out please read more info on the US Powerball and Megamillions pages.

Are my winnings tax-free?

You will not be taxed on any winnings for this lottery.